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Winter Food for the Active

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Winter is a time when most people prefer to stay inside and sit by their fireplaces, staying cozy in their warm winter clothes with a cup of hot chocolate in their hands. This is can be a good break for many, but it also makes us inactive, putting a hamper on our health and waistlines. With this, some people tend to go outside in the cold and engage in winter activities to keep active and have fun.

These can be activities like housework, long hikes, or even winter sports. These activities can keep us moving to prevent stagnation which causes a variety of health risks. But with all this moving around outside, we must regulate our energy expenditure with good food. Proper nutrition should keep us energized throughout the day to be able to do more things and have more fun.

Here are some of the best types of food to eat for those that prefer to stay active during the winter season.

Hearty Breakfast

A hearty breakfast is crucial when preparing to do some activities out in winter. Just like how breakfast is important, it is recommended that you eat well on winter mornings, particularly on busy days. A full breakfast should consist of lots of proteins, nutrients, and carbohydrates.

Eggs, guacamole, and some toast can be an option for a good meal. Oatmeal, your choice of milk, and plenty of added fruit may also give you enough energy to last until your next meal. Balancing your carbohydrates and protein is the main goal, while the nutrients are additions that can give much flavor to your food.

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Lean Meat

Lean meat can give lots of protein when you intend to be active during the winter. Chicken and red meat with the fat trimmed can easily be upgraded with some veggie sides and some herbs and spices. These heavy types of food can keep us full and warm if eaten in the right proportions. Too much can make us feel sleepy and lazy, defeating the purpose of wanting to stay active for the season.

Food Bars

Food bars may not be the best food to eat in general, but they are good snacks that can keep us energized when we get hungry while out in the cold. Made of oats, fruits, seeds, and nuts, food bars are high in protein, making you feel full for longer and give you boosts of energy when you need it. These are also portable food that you can bring with you no matter what activity you choose for winter. A couple of bars can fit in whatever outfit you are wearing: a cozy sweater, layered shirts, or a Bogner ski jacket for men.

Healthy Drinks and Water

Drinking a lot of liquids can also keep you satiated while you engage in your winter activities. Liquid meals are more easily digested and absorbed by the body so this can help with having more accessible energy for your day. Some people prefer to drink smoothies to have the added benefit of nutritious fruits. Some others blend their fruits and veggies and add protein powder to mix.

Others play with the kind of milk that they use to customize their milkshake better. But you can choose to be simple with just drinking enough water to stay hydrated at all times. But drink water in moderation, especially when you are far from restrooms are holding it in can feel very unpleasant while out in the cold.

Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are always good for the body. They give a lot of nutrients that we can benefit from no matter what season it is or what activities that we engage in. These also keep us healthy, especially in winter when it is easier to get sick more than in the other seasons. The kinds of fruits and vegetables that we choose to eat will matter when the meals we eat throughout the day lack nutrients. Choosing light greens can be a good choice rather than starchy and heavy ones when we eat meat for strenuous activities later on.

The winter season may convince us to stay inside our homes. We may want to relax and unwind indoors due to the intense cold outside, but it is also important to do some labor-intensive activities from time to time. The food we eat should also be managed to keep us in top shape even in the winter. After all, our health must be prioritized so that we can continue doing the things we love.  So let us all keep ourselves and our families safe and healthy for the coming cold months.

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